Ten Places to Buy Gifts That Support Women Artisans

I’ve been compiling a list of places where you can order gifts that specifically support women artisans. I’m hoping that you’ll help me expand the list by suggesting more organizations and companies in the comments.

Here is what I have so far:

  1. The Andean Collection (Andean Collection blog)
  2. EOS
  3. Global Daughter (Global Daughter blog)
  4. Global Girlfriend
  5. Global Sistergoods (Global Sistergoods blog)
  6. Nest (Bangles & Clay blog)
  7. One Mango Tree (One Mango Tree blog)
  8. Same Sky
  9. Vital Voices (Vital Voices blog)
  10. Women’s Peace Collection

There are a lot of places that support and sell goods online created by men and women artisans, but what other places support only women artisans?

New Mexico Creates: New Mexico Women Authors Festival (you can order books online).

Flickr photo credit: Woman Weaving a Blanket uploaded by Esme Vos.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Places to Buy Gifts That Support Women Artisans

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  2. Thanks for including us, Britt! We agree that there could be a lot more emphasis on the power of fair trade to economically empower women, most often the backbone of their communities.

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